Omnio’s batteries bring the benefits of energy storage to multi-site organisations, enabling them to become modern users of energy

  • SAVE

    money by consuming energy in more intelligent way.


    income by unlock new markets, turning your loads into assets.


    your business against future structural, price and regulatory changes.


    in the evolution of our energy systems to a smarter, greener future.

How do our batteries achieve this?

Cost saving

Omnio’s batteries can charge up with cheaper electricity from the grid & discharge during peak hours. This enables an organisation to reduce the impact of the most expensive hours of energy pricing with zero effect on their operations.

Grid Services

Our batteries can provide valuable service to the electricity network by responding to fluctuations in grid frequency & voltage. As well as providing access to a new source of revenue, these services create a more resilient network & enable wider deployment of renewable generation.

Energy Markets

By taking advantage of fluctuations in the market price of power, batteries enable energy trading desks to generate a profit from your supply. These profits can be very large in extreme pricing events – eg. When prices spike upwards during a cold snap.